SHS is an independent day school for boys from JK to Grade 8. Our mission is to inspire and empower each boy through his formative years.

The Sterling Institute

The Sterling Institute's mission is to inspire and empower innovation, research and collaboration in our community.

The Canadian Accredited Independent Schools (CAIS) is a community of independent schools focused on whole school improvement. It supports schools' growth and development through leadership training, research and accreditation. The mission of the Institute is to inspire and empower innovation, research and collaboration in our community. As such, the Institute is one of SHS's key vehicles for change, and thus an ideal platform through which to lead Sterling Hall in its re-accreditation this year. The two cornerstones of a CAIS re-accreditation are "celebrating strengths" and "determining next steps" for whole-school improvement. The Institute will support SHS as all faculty and staff, as well as many parents, students and alumni work collaboratively to complete our internal review. It will focus on SHS's strengths and areas for growth, and then the SI will work towards supporting the implementation of the recommendations as outlined by CAIS's external review in May.

The Institute also conducts in-house action research in order to inform our practices. Additionally we partner with outside organizations to ensure that our programs are the best that they can be. Currently we are working with the Sunnybrook Research Institute in the areas of exercise and cognition.

The manager produces an electronic newsletter that outlines topics and keynotes for upcoming events. Relevant resources in the areas of research, character education and social and emotional learning are shared with our readers. To sign up for the newsletter, please email Erica Sprules.

If you have any questions or comments, or wish more information about our resources or events, please contact Erica Sprules.

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