Board of Governors

The Sterling Hall School’s Board of Governors provides strategic and policy direction, financial oversight and overall support to SHS.

This dedicated group of volunteers provides a diversity of expertise and works with the principal to determine the school’s long-term strategy, which is then implemented by faculty and staff. Together, they help inspire SHS to continue building on its reputation as a close-knit community that empowers each boy through his formative years.

The SHS Board of Governors holds ten meetings each year and is comprised of an executive plus standing committees including Advancement & Communications, Governance & Nominating, Finance and Property.

Lisa Adams
Lalit Aggarwal
Julian Battiston
Aimee Beeston
John Cundari
Heather Faralla
Sacha Ghai
Michael Guerriere
Eric Hixon
John Jentz
Jane Langford
Sarah McEvoy
Brian O Hea
Lisa Talbot
Stephanie Tjon