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Dr. Campbell will be hosting two educational workshops that will foster a deeper understanding of diversity, equity and inclusion, and help us grow in cultural competence. He will also touch on how we can move from awareness into action, both as a Sterling Hall community and within our communities at home.

Workshop 1: January 19 
Through this introductory workshop, participants were educated on the various dimensions of differences in their personal and professional environments. Dr. Campbell helped us gain increased awareness of the concepts of equity, diversity and inclusion and lead us to grow in our cultural competency.

For those of you who missed it, please click HERE to watch this presentation.

UPCOMING Workshop 2: February 9 at 6:30PM
We will learn to develop cultural competence as a process rather than an endpoint. Just like any skill, the process of development and improvement continues. In this engagement, participants will be encouraged to use the reflective and reflexive lens as a means of unpacking power and privilege, and acknowledging their impact. Participants will have the opportunity to examine how their actions can perpetuate a cycle of oppression or create opportunities for equity. He will also help move us from awareness into action.

For those of you who would like to attend this Feb 9 workshop, please click HERE to register.