Where Boys Belong

These are your son’s formative years.

Now is the time to inspire growth and encourage ongoing success. Our caring community generates trust and support by fostering a sense of belonging. The result is exceptional learning and strong character development within a positive community.  


Our Sterling Hall Voices

Application Process

We are here to guide you on your search for the best school for your son.
Learn how you can apply to Sterling Hall in only
5 easy steps.

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Get in Touch

If you have any questions about Sterling Hall programs, we’d love to chat with you. Start a conversation with our Admissions team today. 

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Parent Testimonial

“I feel such gratitude to
be part of the community
and am proud of the
wonderful team that is navigating through
these difficult times”

Next Steps

Congratulations on making Sterling Hall part of your son’s future. We look forward to welcoming your family into our community. 

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School Life

We love connecting with new SHS families. Learn how you can volunteer and help your son make the most of his time at SHS.

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Our SHS Core Values

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Learning Character Community