Friday Assembly

Assemblies are a highlight of the SHS experience and are a wonderful way for our community to stay connected and come together each Friday morning. In the past, they were regularly held in the Eaton Shier Gymnasium (ESG) with all our boys, teachers, staff and any parents who wished to join, in attendance. 

Currently, however, with the new health and safety guidelines in place, they will be presented online for a virtual experience that delivers all the same action and enthusiasm of the past. In addition to the regular address from Principal Parsons, the Grade 8 boys, as well as students from various other grades, participate. The Virtual Assemblies have unique themes and topics each week and include such elements as event updates, school challenges, interviews with a JK, educational spotlights and so much more! They are a hit with not just our boys and their families, but also with our Alumni and extended community.

Our first Virtual Assembly for the 2020-21 school year will be on Friday, September 11th. Parents can log in to view it live or go into the archive to watch it, or any other Assembly, at their leisure.