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Meet the Team

We know that finding the best fit school for your son(s) is an important decision; we are here to help you make the best possible choice. Our Admissions Team is available to answer questions and walk you through the application process.  

Some of the best ways to get to know us as a school and community these days is to thoroughly browse our website, sign up for a tour, chat with a team member online or participate in our Open House events.  Find out more about these key dates and events here.    

Susie Heinrich, Director of Enrolment Management

Susie delights in getting to know all about your son and your big plans for his future.  With her care and educational background, she will assist your family through the application process and make it her priority to ensure SHS is a great fit. As manager of the admissions' support team and member of the Strategic Leadership Team, Susie provides a helpful overview of SHS and our community.

Sheree North, Lead Assessor, Admission Assessments

Sheree has been supporting Admissions for over five years. She is an alumna faculty member with a MA in English from the University of Toronto who taught extensively for 11 years across many disciplines.  Sheree spends time getting to know your sons and assessing them in a relaxed environment to ensure SHS would be a good fit for their learning. 


Jacquie Harnack, Admissions Associate

Jacquie enjoys meeting, liaising and communicating with families and students at SHS.  As a teacher and parent of four who has lived and worked in Europe, Jacquie has many years of experience in independent and international schools, particularly with connecting and supporting new students and families.  Jacquie also enjoys working with the school's Student Ambassadors; creating opportunities for them to take on leadership roles and ultimately lead tours for prospective students.


Cristine Alves, Reception

Hers is the first voice you hear and the first smile you see when you connect with SHS. Cris knows our community—new and old—and supports our families throughout your years at SHS.  Her welcoming smile from a boy’s first day to Graduation Dinner is unwavering and an integral part of what makes SHS a positive and joyful place for boys and their families.