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PRIDE Month at SHS

SHS Talent Show 2021

JK Mother's Day Tea

SHS Board of Governors Faculty & Staff Appreciation

2020 Graduate Lunch

A Flash of Green Day

JK - Grade 4 Anchor Day

Grades 5-8 Anchor Day

Shark Raffle

Pink Shirt Day 2021

Friday Snack Day Courtesy of the PA

February Fun in the Snow

Back to Campus 2021

Crazy Hat Day - Spirit Week 2021

House Colours & Jersey Days - Spirit Week 2021

First Snow Day 2020

SHS Holiday Spirit Week 2020

Halloween at Sterling Hall

PA Pizza & Snack Day

House Spirit on Founder's Day Terry Fox Run

Terry Fox Run 2020


This year, although our run was different than it has been in the past, the outcome was unchanged. Our boys, our faculty & staff, alumni and SHS families worked hard to both fundraise and complete their run with our signature SHS enthusiasm and unwavering commitment to the cause. Thank you to the Parent Association for the house spirit that they demonstrated decorating their cars as well as for the deliciously thoughtful snack for the boys! The "What's Your 40" fundraising ideas were creative and inspiring - let's not forget we can still donate until November 5!

If you would like to watch the Founder’s Day Terry Fox Run video that documents our day, please visit the link below. Also, please look forward to next week's communication regarding our upcoming Friday Assembly, as well as our weekly Friday Memo. We look forward to sharing more details about our boys and their weekly adventures with you soon.

Terry Fox Run Video

First Anchor Day at SHS 2020