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We are so grateful for the generosity of everyone in our community, including parents, alumni, faculty, staff and supporters. 

Here are some of the investments that donations have helped fund:

  • Purchase of seven-acre property where SHS resides from the Toronto District School Board
  • Over $359,000 in financial aid to SHS students via The Robinson Family Fund
  • New athletic equipment and supplies
  • New game boards on the Ian Robinson Quad
  • Three 3D printers in the Cheddie Computer Lab
  • Risers for the stage for dramatic productions and public speaking
  • New House tents for all outdoor House events

The legacy of donating lives on for many years. Look around our beloved school and you'll see the legacy of past donors in the Eaton Shier Gym, Pryde Science Lab, Poile Art Studio, McCain Dining Hall, Phelan Learning Commons, and many more facilities that students enjoy today.

Gratitude Report 2022-2023

We are very proud to acknowledge all donors in the Gratitude Report here.

Please click HERE or on the report cover image to read about the generosity of our Sterling Hall communit