SHS is an independent day school for boys from JK to Grade 8. Our mission is to inspire and empower each boy through his formative years.

The Curriculum - “Breathing Life”

As an integral part of our curriculum, the Earth becomes a context for lessons and activities, providing an opportunity for our teachers to frame discussions and incorporate environmental themes in every classroom and subject area. Environmental responsibility is a core part of learning at every level and across a range of subjects.

Every teacher is charged with the responsibility, through one project or unit each term, to build a major study around some feature of the natural world. The intent is to “breathe life” into our busy classroom work. Based on the framework established by The Sterling Institute, our planning tools for breathing life are centered on four themes: the Nature of Nature, Presence and Respect, Material Cycles, and From Thought to Action.

Our boys are challenged to become environmental thinkers and doers. We do not understand the environment to be somehow separate from our everyday lives in the real world, but recognize that our air, soil, and water, and the countless other creatures with whom we share them, are part of our lives in the real world.

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