SHS is an independent day school for boys from JK to Grade 8. Our mission is to inspire and empower each boy through his formative years.

Student Activism

SHS provides a structure in which boys of all ages who show interest in a leadership position can take ownership of environmental causes and foster programs for the whole school.   This student environmental group at SHS is know as "The Earthlings". This year, our team of dedicated Earthlings has generated a campaign we call House2Planting.

House2 Planting for Earthlings

The goals are lofty and ambitious – to have all of our SHS families take care of each other, their homes, and our home planet. We would like to further our action and education surrounding resources and energy, the food we eat, and the time we spend outdoors.

Our planning team of boys and faculty have established a menu of “Good Earthy Choices” that is meant for families to see and adopt as best fits their routines and expectations. That Menu forms the basis for further development of big ideas at Assembly, and in classes, as our leading Earthlings help us all understand how these different actions have an impact.

As boys and families make efforts at any particular action item, we need to know about these things in homeroom. Teachers keep tally charts to track the points for each of our 4 Houses. As points build up, the Houses earn the planter boxes, soil, and seeds for our hallway gardens.   We’ve seen how those 4 hallway gardens can reach the ceiling, make great scoreboards to record our efforts, and yield green beans to pick and eat.

Thanks to all the families for their attention and efforts to benefit their homes, the Houses, and our home planet.

Earth Week

Students also lead our Earth Week activities each April. Boys hold daily meetings where they teach and lead discussions, exposing one another to fresh ideas and activities. Traditionally, our boys take home a tiny tree to plant in their yard during Earth Week. Previous Earth Week investigations have included explorations of themes such as “We are earth, air, fire, and water”, “drops in a bucket”, or “you can never do just one thing.”

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