SHS is an independent day school for boys from JK to Grade 8. Our mission is to inspire and empower each boy through his formative years.

Planned Giving: A Planned Gift is a Gift to our Future

The Sterling Hall School has been fortunate during our 32 years to have extremely dedicated, caring, and committed faculty members. They teach, guide, and nurture students beyond the classroom and help develop Sterling Hall boys into confident, intelligent, and compassionate young men.

Often, the bond that is formed between the teacher and student during the elementary school years continues long after the student leaves SHS.

A teacher's gift...

Not only are our teachers committed to the students, they also believe strongly in the values and mission of The Sterling Hall School. Often, this support is expressed in the form of a financial gift, either to the SHS Annual Giving Program, a particular capital project, or an endowment fund. Recently, a faculty member made a first-ever planned gift to SHS.

Planned gifts are important because they help provide SHS with a future base of support to ensure our continuing leadership in educational excellence. A bequest or a gift of life insurance can meaningfully transform our school’s future.

Generosity of spirit and support characterize the SHS teacher who made this gift. Humble might be another way to describe this person, who wishes to remain anonymous. This donor has given on so many levels to so many students, and now the School will continue to benefit from this extraordinary individual for years to come.

We will express our gratitude in the best way we know how. We will continue to invest in our students by providing them with exciting and innovative programs, by giving them the opportunity to explore and experience through learning, and to allow them to grow as individuals. We will also say, plainly, thank you. Thank you for helping to shape our school, for the students you have taught, and for the future that lies ahead for SHS.

If you would like more information on the Planned Giving Program at The Sterling Hall School, please contact Robin Kester, Executive Director of Advancement, 416-785-9252.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Planned Gift?

A Planned Gift is a gift you choose to commit to now, but which is realized, and benefits, SHS in the future.

Planned Giving, also known as legacy giving, includes a variety of strategies that help you structure a gift that fits your personal and financial goals, while maximizing the available tax benefits. The resulting donation provides SHS with the support it needs to continually enhance its programs and remain the very best boys elementary school.

Donors who choose to make planned gifts to SHS automatically become members of The Sterling Heritage Society. This Society recognizes those who have the foresight to provide for future generations of SHS students. It also provides the School with the opportunity to extend its gratitude to those who notify us of their thoughtful gift intentions while they are living.

How Does a Planned Gift Benefit SHS?

Confirmed planned gifts quite simply allow the School to better plan for the future. Planned gifts help provide SHS with a future base of support to ensure our School’s continuing leadership in educational excellence.

Planned gifts are as flexible as any other gift to SHS. You may designate your support to a particular area of the School or leave it open to SHS to determine how to direct your support once the gift is realized.

Working With You to Meet Your Goals

Planned gifts, such as a bequest or a gift of life insurance, can meaningfully transform SHS’s future. But they do require advance planning. You may wish to involve your family, as well as your financial and legal advisors. We encourage you to take the time to consider your legacy to SHS while working on a confidential basis with an Advancement team member.

Sterling Support

Together, we will realize our vision to deliver the leading foundational education experience for JK-8 boys and their families.

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