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ThinkTank - November 3, 2014

On Monday, November 3, Louisa Jewell spoke at The Sterling Hall School about how positive psychology can be incorporated into both a character education program at school and daily activities at home. Her first presentation was to SHS parents and educators from around the GTA, during which she explained the PERMA-V model of well-being:

P = Positive emotions - find joy every day
E = Engagement - be fully engaged in the here and now
R = Relationships - nurture positive relationships with those closest to you
M = Meaning - find purpose in your life and contribute to the world
A = Accomplishment - build your confidence in what you believe you can do

V = Vitality - take care of your physical self (sleep, food, exercise)

A brief summary of the PERMA-V model, growth mindset, active constructive responding and foundational books in positive psychology can be found here.

Throughout the second session, Louisa discussed with faculty and staff the particular aspects of positive psychology that are being strengthened through SHS's new character education program. Here is a brief summary of some of the information that was discussed.

Four ways to develop self-efficacy:

  1. Performance experiences - go do it!
  2. Vicarious experiences - model it or visualize it
  3. Social persuasion - positive feedback and encouragement
  4. Interpretation of physiological and emotional states - reinterpret your "nervous" emotions as being "normal" and necessary
Growth mindset:
  • From the work of Carol Dweck
  • Person praise
    • Promotes a fixed mindset
    • A person believes she is born with particular abilities and cannot change them
    • Praise examples: You're a star! You're the best! You're the greatest!
  • Process praise
    • Promotes a growth mindset
    • A person believes he can improve his abilities through hard work
    • Praise examples: You worked really hard on that. I can see how you used your communication skills well in that situation.

Click here for links to research on a variety of positive psychology topics.


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