SHS is an independent day school for boys from JK to Grade 8. Our mission is to inspire and empower each boy through his formative years.

Research Initiatives

The Sterling Institute conducts in-house action research in order to ensure that we are teaching our students in the best ways possible, as well as following leading-edge curriculum. Additionally, the Institute partners with outside institutions, which allows The Sterling Hall School to maintain curriculum and instructional methods that are research-based.


Current Research

SHS Action Research

1. Research into the impacts of outdoor experiential education on teamwork (Grade 6)

2. Research on the effects of iPad use on engagement in the French classroom (Grade 6)

With The Sunnybrook Research Institute

3. Testing the effects of physical activity on cognitive function (Grade 7)

With The University of the Sunshine Coast

4. A technology centered, community of practice framed, professional development to support teachers’ technological and pedagogical content knowledge (Faculty)


Past Research

SHS Action Research

Singapore Math: Initial Perceptions - by Nimisha Keswani and Erica Sprules

What are the initial perceptions of the Singapore Math approach to small-group math instruction at SHS?

Leveled Literacy Intervention - by AnnMarie Zigrossi, Pamela Robinson and Aleeza Janmohamed

What are the impacts of using the Leveled Literacy Intervention program with struggling readers?

To Choose, Or Not to Choose - by James Hay

What are the effects of providing activity choices on the quality of student performance and engagement?

With The University of Toronto Faculty of Kinesiology and Physical Education

Teaching Physical Activity for Life - by Patrick Jachyra, Michael Atkinson, Erica Sprules and Joel Brough

Do Grade 8 boys plan to participate in high school Health and Physical Education classes?

How do I look? - by Peter Kruzyk, Kelly Arbour-Nicitopolous, Joel Brough and Erica Sprules

Is participation in certain exercises or sports associated with greater body image satisfaction?

Playing Hard - Jian Ou, Noel Morgan, Erica Sprules, Joel Brough, Ira Jacobs

How intensely do boys voluntarily exert themselves during exergaming activities and at recess?


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