SHS is an independent day school for boys from JK to Grade 8. Our mission is to inspire and empower each boy through his formative years.

Dining Program: Lunch Options

Lunch is an important part of the day at The Sterling Hall School and we provide options to suit each boy.

Nutritious Catered Lunch Program

SHS partners with Aramark to offer all boys Healthy For Life food serviceour nutritious catered lunch program. Click here for details from Aramark. Parents receive ongoing updates and important information on menus and upcoming promotions through Community Login webpages.

Packed lunch

Boys are always welcome to bring their own lunches. According to Eating Well with Canada’s Food Guide, a nutritious lunch should contain three to four of the four major food groups: Grain Products; Vegetables and Fruit (preferably some of each); Milk and Alternatives; Meat and Alternatives. Unprocessed, whole foods and fruit juices, milk, or milk substitutes are recommended. At no time are soft drinks permitted. We also ask that students bring food in reusable containers and bags whenever possible to reduce waste.

Classroom snacks

Snacks help to re-fuel our boys and to ensure that they maintain an appropriate energy level throughout the day.

Suggestions include pure fruit juices (not fruit drinks), water, milk, fresh fruit, nut-free cereal bars, apple sauce, veggies and dip, pita and dip, cheese and crackers, sliced meats, bagels and cream cheese, pretzels, rice cakes, hardboiled eggs, unsweetened cereal, bread sticks, yogurt, raisins, or popcorn.

Candies, chocolate, and sugared drinks are not appropriate snack or lunch items. We would appreciate your cooperation in eliminating sweets and junk foods.

SHS is a nut-aware environment

To keep our environment safe for all boys, please remember to read the labels of pre-packaged foods to make sure that you know what you are buying and that the food does not include peanut or nut products. We ask that any products brought into the School be cleared by the Homeroom Teacher, the School Nurse, or the Vice Principal, Administration.



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