SHS is an independent day school for boys from JK to Grade 8. Our mission is to inspire and empower each boy through his formative years.

Electives 2018-2019


(Grades 7 and 8 only) In this elective, students will learn how money makes the world go round! Students will learn about financial life skills and create an avatar that experiences real life in Toronto. This avatar will be given a salary and a couple of other stipulations. Students will then be coursed through the game of life. They will find a place to live, pay bills, spend money, etc. Students will come to understand how to make a budget, save, spend, give and make money. Students will also have the opportunity to research, analyze and reflect on the business world, follow the stock market, predict trends and create a business or product along with a business proposal to present to potential investors. This course will teach the value of money and how to manage it. There will be several projects and assignments in which students will be required to think creatively and solve problems in developing important life skills.


In this elective, students will spend half of the school year exploring computer animation and half of the year exploring computer coding and design. Animation - Students will learn about storyboards, action and movement and use the tools and skills needed to create stop-motion digital animation. Design and Technology - This is a computer coding and computer design endeavour in which students will be involved in gaming, game creation, 3D design and 3D printing.


This elective will introduce students to fun and dynamic styles of public speaking. Students will hone skills at debating and impromptu speaking. We will also explore and discuss headline news, as national and international current events often provide material and examples for exciting debate.


Calling all actors and those with dramatic flare! Join the Drama elective to be an integral part of the main 2018-2019 school production! This core group does everything from finding and choosing the right play to learning about the various elements of theatre production that are involved in mounting a show. The Drama elective boys will support the visioning and logistics of putting together the school play. In addition, students in the Drama Elective will be guaranteed a significant acting role in the play, so warm up the spotlights! We will engage in many fun acting exercises, both in preparation for - and following - the school play.


Innovations like cell phones, artificial intelligence and 3D printing are changing our world. In this elective, students will find a need or problem in the world that they would like to address or solve. They will research, invent, build, test, and share their new product. Their innovation may involve 3D printing, circuitry, woodworking, coding, tools, something that we use every day or any other ideas you may have. Imagine making our world a better place...

Independent Pursuit

This elective provides students with the opportunity to choose an area of deep interest outside of the regular curriculum and complete an independent project about that topic. Students will complete a proposal for their project outlining their idea(s), and what type of project they would like to complete. Students then spend the school year working with the elective teacher to complete their project and eventually share their work with the Sterling community in an academic style conference.

Makers (Combines Robotics and Woodworking)

In this elective, students will spend half of the school year exploring Robotics and half of the year exploring Woodworking. Robotics - Students will be provided with opportunities in robotics engineering. These opportunities are robot design and construction, robot programming using Robot C software and skill development in using tools. Boys end the year with a robot battle/race. Woodworking - Students will learn to work with their hands through the woodworking elective, bringing out their inner craftsman in a fun, safe, and challenging environment. Students will produce a variety of pieces including a toolbox and a birdhouse.


This elective is designed to provide students who have a particular interest in music with an opportunity to form a band and explore music that they are passionate about. Any musical style and instrumentation is possible and students are heavily involved in choosing the performance pieces the band will explore. This group is always a hit when it takes to the stage!

Personal Training

The Personal Training elective will help you on your path to get in the best shape of your life, build strong fitness habits for later in life, and also give you tools to help others achieve their goals as well. You will learn and undertake a personal training regimen that includes strengthening and stretching activities, along with nutrition analysis. Understanding the connection and balance between nutrition and exercise will give you an added boost in life. This is an active elective where learning will happen through experiencing and exploring different physical training regimes.


Students in this elective will learn the basics of photography as well as the use of new media arts & technology as a creative communication tool, taking the still photograph beyond its limitations. Starting with the basics of photography, we build up to photo manipulation, digital editing and computer graphics. Technology is pushed to its limit by the students to create artistic & communication pieces that will reflect their creative ideas.


The Sport elective aims to introduce a variety of new athletic pursuits outside of our students regular HPE curriculum. The goal is to provide a wide range of individual and team experiences to students that will build on their physical literacy and movement competence. Some of the activities may include sports like field hockey, cricket, and beach volleyball. The students will also take on the role of teacher/coach developing their own lesson/practice plan to facilitate skill acquisition in a sport of their choice. To excel in this elective, an open mind, a competitive spirit and a desire to learn new skills are required.

World Changers

The Earthlings who accept this challenge will have at least these three real opportunities to investigate the planet we share with seven billion or so others. 1. The Sterling Hall School is an EcoSchool, and needs a team of dedicated students to run practical and educational programs that support the whole community. 2. Individually, boys will generate a personally interesting investigation into some facet of our lives, and figure the inventions or improvements necessary to live most sustainably. 3. As well, our school is building a student garden, and these boys will have the first responsibility and opportunity to do some building and support the gardening experiments as they get started with classes in the fall.


Yearbook Design teaches students about planning, gathering, synthesizing and presenting a publication of photographic and textual images. Students will learn what it takes to become an effective yearbook editor. They will be responsible for making decisions and building material for the pages of our 2018-2019 SHS Yearbook.

Sterling Learning

We value innovative academic practices and boy-focused programming that inspire individual growth, curiosity and passion for learning.

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