SHS is an independent day school for boys from JK to Grade 8. Our mission is to inspire and empower each boy through his formative years.

Electives 2019-2020

Business (Grade 7 & 8 only)

(Grade 7 and 8 only) Students in this elective will learn how money makes the world go round! Students will learn financial life skills including how to make a budget, save, spend, give and make money. Students will also have the opportunity to research, analyze and reflect on the business world, follow the stock market, predict trends and create a business or product along with a business proposal to present to potential investors.

Creators (Combines Animation and App Development)

In this elective, students will spend half of the school year exploring computer animation and half of the year exploring app development.

Animation - Students in this elective will focus on experimentation with a variety of animation techniques and materials. Students will discover their animation style as they gain a solid foundation in the art of frame-by-frame filmmaking. Students will collaborate in small teams and work individually on storyboards, production and post production.

App Development - Students in this elective will undertake a computer coding and design endeavour in which they will be involved in creating apps for mobile devices.


Students in this elective will be an integral part of the major 2019-2020 school drama production! This core group does everything from finding and choosing the right play to learning about the various elements of theatre production that are involved in mounting a show. Students in the Drama Elective will be guaranteed a significant acting role in SHS drama production, so warm up the spotlights!


Students in this elective will uncover a need or problem in the world that they would like to address or solve. They will research, invent, build, test, and share their new product. Their innovation may involve 3D printing, circuitry, woodworking, coding, tools, something that we use every day or any other ideas they have. Imagine making our world a better place...

Independent Pursuit

Students in this elective will have the opportunity to choose a topic of deep interest outside of the regular curriculum and complete an independent project about that topic. Students spend the school year working with the elective teacher to complete their project and eventually share their work with the Sterling community in an academic style conference.

Makers (Combines Robotics and Woodworking)

In this elective, students will spend half of the school year exploring robotics and half of the year exploring woodworking.

Robotics - Students in this elective will be provided with opportunities in robotics engineering and to compete for the Golden Gear Award - an award given to a student who has excelled with his engineering. Students conclude the elective with a robot battle/race.

Woodworking - Students in this elective will work with their hands through the woodworking, bringing out their inner craftsman in a fun, safe, and challenging environment. Students will produce a variety of pieces including a toolbox and a birdhouse.


Students in this elective will be provided with the opportunity to form a band and explore music that they are passionate about. Any musical style and instrumentation is possible, and students are heavily involved in choosing the performance pieces the band will explore. This group is always a hit when it takes to the stage!

Personal Training

Students in this elective will get on the path to being in great shape, and to building strong fitness habits. Students will learn and undertake a personal training regimen that includes strengthening and stretching activities, along with nutrition analysis. This is an active elective where learning will happen through experiencing and exploring different physical training regimes.


Students in this elective will learn the basics of photography as well as use new media arts & technology as a creative communication tool. Starting with the basics of photography, we build up to photo manipulation, digital editing and computer graphics. Technology is pushed to its limit by the students to create artistic & communication pieces that will reflect their creative ideas.


Students in this elective will be introduced to a variety of new athletic pursuits outside of the regular Health and Physical Education curriculum. These pursuits may include sports like field hockey, cricket, and beach volleyball. The students will also take on the role of teacher/coach developing their own lesson/practice plan to facilitate skill acquisition.


Students in this elective will plan, gather material, and produce the 2019-2020 SHS yearbook. This ambitious endeavour involves technological and design skills, along with responsibility in making many decisions in producing this well-loved community artifact.

Sterling Learning

We value innovative academic practices and boy-focused programming that inspire individual growth, curiosity and passion for learning.

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