SHS is an independent day school for boys from JK to Grade 8. Our mission is to inspire and empower each boy through his formative years.

Kindergarten Language Program

These are important years for students to build a strong foundation of literacy skills. Boys have a dedicated block of language time each day for deep learning. This time is spent in centres that focus on developing a specific language skill. These include fine motor development, phonetic awareness, sight word recognition and early reading skills. Boys are divided into smaller groups to allow for both peer teaching opportunities and individualized work with a teacher. The groups are fluid and interchangeable for different purposes and learning. Boys quickly become familiar with the structure, expectations and daily routine, and this familiarity promotes independence. In addition to our structured language time, boys also engage in whole class read-alouds, shared writing, oral dictations, dramatic play and various rhyming and phonics games to truly promote a love of reading and writing. 

Guided Reading & Writing

We offer a unique, early literacy program in which Kindergarten students are placed in small, leveled reading and writing groups with a teacher who can hone in on their specific needs and skills. These groups meet daily and boys are exposed to books that are ‘just right’ for them. We recognize that learning to read is linked to each boy’s readiness and in these groups we endeavour to foster a love for books. Beginning readers may be working on letter recognition, directionality of print, sequencing, story re-enactment and looking at picture cues. More advanced readers may be engaged in vocabulary building, sight word work, decoding, comprehension questions and building fluency.

During the guided writing component, some students may have their work scribed for them while others are ready to sound out words, label their drawings and extend their ideas in print. Students work on journal writing, poetry, cards, informational writing, lists, cartoons and book making.

Overall, this program allows boys to work at their own pace while also being challenged to reach their potential.




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