SHS is an independent day school for boys from JK to Grade 8. Our mission is to inspire and empower each boy through his formative years.

Strategic Leadership Team

Rick Parsons, Principal
Jennifer Colleran, Vice-Principal
Kate Taylor, Director of Curriculum & Learning Strategies
Elizabeth Gray, Director of Graduate Placement
James Hay, Director of Faculty & Program Development
Stephen Hardy, Director of Finance
Kirk Lum, Director of Athletics
Jill Palmer, Executive Director of Advancement
Kate Sherk, Director of Administration
Marco Zimbalatti, Director of Information Technology

The Strategic Leadership Team (SLT):

  • establishes and assesses tactical approaches to achieve the Sterling Strategy 2014+
  • supports the faculty and staff in delivering the mission of the school
  • collaborates and advises on the strategic management and operations of SHS
  • takes responsibility for our positive school climate and work culture by modeling and promoting our core values

Sterling Teamwork

How do we work best together?

1. Respect confidentiality; trust and support each other

2. Presume good professional intent

3. Communicate thoughtfully and purposefully

  • Listen carefully
  • Use email with discretion
  • Use face-to-face communication for difficult or sensitive conversations
  • Be proactive and help us avoid surprises
  • Keep others informed

4. Be accountable for our actions and responsibilities

5. Provide constructive contributions: bring problems AND solutions

6. Be open, truthful and speak from facts; be respectful, compassionate and kind to one another

7. Show gratitude and recognize the contributions and accomplishments of others

Sterling Community

We value an engaged, supportive community that nurtures a sense of belonging and fosters lifelong relationships.

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