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Health and Well-being

At The Sterling Hall School, we cultivate health in all forms: physical, mental, social and emotional – the whole child. Our social-emotional learning (SEL) curriculum helps to deepen a boy’s awareness of his mental and emotional life. 

Our engagement with the VIA classification system, coupled with our emphasis on identifying and growing character strengths in each boy, provides a framework for boys to work actively on character growth and to develop competency in their emotional literacy.

Adopting programs that promote well-being and a sense of belonging enables each boy to reflect on a moment or experience in a supportive, empathetic community with his peers and teachers. To further bolster their physical and mental health, we offer an extensive array of sports, clubs and active living opportunities.

We weave health awareness into the curriculum, so boys are mindful of their needs for restorative sleep, healthy food, and a balance in life that includes play and fun as well as fulfilling academic pursuits.
We know that so many aspects of day-to-day school life contribute to a boy’s learning about how to lead a healthy life. Honing his citizenship sensibilities whether in his classroom community or taking action outside of the school, teaches him hope and belief in what individuals can do together to better our world. Pursuing topics of interest or concern through inquiry at SHS teaches a boy that he can be resourceful and make a difference. Opportunities to work collaboratively, using his creative and critical thinking skills, reminds each boy that he can rely on others and that he belongs.



Developing Collective Well-being at SHS

Learn how we prioritize relational management as a pathway to achieving an enduring understanding of well-being for every boy at SHS in the below article.