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Mentorship and Advisory Groups

At The Sterling Hall School, we value being able to see each other succeed. That’s why we have built in many opportunities for mentorship, which builds character and helps nurture traits such as humour, kindness and gratitude through helping others.

Grade 8 Students as Mentors and Mentees

Partnering our Grade 8 students with a younger boy continues to be our most successful mentorship program. Through it, we build community and relationship throughout the school. At each side of the partnership, we help boys see themselves in relationship with a student at a different life stage.

For the younger boy, it’s a chance to look up to a mentor, tap their wisdom to establish personal goals and learn social skills and personal qualities. For the older boy, it’s a chance to show both leadership and compassion. For both, it’s an opportunity to make a real friend.

Grade 8 students also choose a faculty or staff mentor, who commits to spending a half hour weekly to offer guidance. Topics are directed by the student and can include self-awareness or career discussions or even help on practical elements such as high school applications.

Peer Mentors

Students in Junior Kindergarten to Grade 7 take part in a broad range of teaching activities, such as Learning Buddies, Tech Buddies, Writing Buddies and Reading Buddies.


Student Leadership Values in Action