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Student Leadership

To know that leadership is alive and well at The Sterling Hall School, you don’t need to look further than our Grade 8 boys.

After years of scaffolded opportunities designed to build confidence, each Grade 8 boy assumes a senior leadership role on one of six leadership teams, including those with a focus on citizenship, school leadership, CommuniTech, arts, House Captains and academics. Each boy models what it is to be leader: attentive and caring yet decisive and visionary – bigger boys who look out for others. We are so proud to witness this emergence.

Leading up to Grade 8, there are many opportunities for boys to engage in leadership roles, both formally and informally. Class representatives from Junior Kindergarten through Grade 8 serve on the student council. From Grades 6 to 8, students meet for Advisory Groups where they have another opportunity to share, learn from and support each other.

Student Council

The Student Council includes boys at every level, from Junior Kindergarten to Grade 8, and provides representation for every boy at the school. The Council is student-run and sets goals for the school year, promoting school spirit, organizing and implementing community service activities. The Council allows SHS students to have a voice in planning events, clubs, and initiatives. Student Council teaches boys important leadership skills, from project planning to teamwork.

The Student Council is led by the Head Boy and Grade 8 Prefects. Council includes one elected representative from each class in Junior Kindergarten through Grade 7 and two faculty advisors. Each elected student works with his class to decide on initiatives for community service and school events.

Other leadership roles

Besides student council, SHS also provides many other leadership roles, both formal and informal. In Primary and Junior levels these include:
•    Snapshot and Divisional Assemblies
•    Golden Boot Award
•    Recess Rockstars
•    Lunchroom Leaders
•    Sterling Stars
•    Learning Buddies

At the Intermediate level, leadership roles include:
•    Weekly Assembly Leadership
•    Learning Buddies
•    Peer Tutoring
•    Student Athletic Coaches
•    Service Learning
•    Student-initiated Clubs
•    Peer Advisory Groups

Other informal leadership opportunities include leadership of after-school clubs, participation in community service projects, and opportunities to lead during experiential learning excursions. Mentorship allows boys at various more senior grade levels to exercise leadership with younger boys.