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We value an engaged, supportive community that nurtures a sense of belonging and fosters lifelong relationships.


Families are at the heart of Sterling Hall, with over 70% of parents volunteering. Learn more about how you can be a part of the Sterling community.

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News And Events

Sterling Hall is a busy place! Learn more about the exciting news and events happening every week.

SHS Spring Concert Hits the Perfect Note

Wednesday's musical performances brought a touch of magic to our school as vocal and band members, who practiced tirelessly, had their moment to shine at SHS’s end-of-year concert!

Student-Athletes Show True Character

Today marked the conclusion of our end-of-year Athletics Assembly, a wonderful opportunity to celebrate all the participants in our SHS Spring Athletics programs! We extend our heartfelt congratulations to everyone involved—student-athletes, as well as, teacher and staff coaches.

SHS Olympics Day Brings Community Together

What better way to close out a spectacular year than by inviting everyone to our school for a day of fun games, races, track and field activities, followed by a fantastic lunch. Playing and eating together is the perfect way to build community!

Thanking our SHS Volunteers

At SHS, we take immense pride in our volunteers. Their generous contributions of time, creativity, and talent have been instrumental in the success of our events and the strengthening of our community. To express our heartfelt gratitude for their dedication to our school and our students, we hosted a special Volunteer Appreciation Tea in the James Macdonald Studios yesterday.

SHS Celebrates Earth Week

This week offered all our boys an opportunity to learn and think more consciously about the world around us. It was Earth Week at Sterling Hall; a celebration that raises our awareness and asks us to protect our home for future generations. From Tuesday until today, we participated in conversations about how to adopt more sustainable practices for the benefit of our planet.

JK Inventors: Learning for our Littlest Boys

This Monday marked a milestone for our JK boys as they hosted an incredible Inventors Gallery Walk! Parents and guests were warmly welcomed to join in commemorating our students' exploration into the world of "Things that Go". During this inquiry, students researched, shared knowledge, and collaborated to learn new concepts about various vehicles and modes of transportation.

Spirit Assembly & Thunderdome Brings Joy

At Sterling Hall, we celebrated our House spirit once again with joyful energy and four very iconic colours; white, blue, red and black. House shirts, hats, and playful accessories were everywhere as our community rallied behind their fellow Knights, Hounds, Mustangs, and Pirates!

Happy Mother's Day From SHS

Our boys from JK to Grade 8 have been working hard this week on a special surprise in their classes to celebrate the important women in their lives.

Grandpal's Day at SHS

Today, our SHS boys were decked out in their #1 Dress, looking smart and on their best behaviour for their very special guests. SHS Grandpals were warmly received this afternoon by Principal Parsons in the Eaton Shier Gym, and received a guided tour around our school, led proudly by our boys.