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Founders' Day Terry Fox Run

The Founders’ Day Terry Fox Run provides us with an opportunity to give back by supporting the Terry Fox Foundation's relentless pursuit of funds for cancer research. This day is a result of extensive preparations and efforts that often occur behind the scenes in the weeks leading up to it. Our community has contributed to the success of this momentous event and we are filled with gratitude.

For many of us, The Founders' Day Terry Fox Run provides a unique opportunity for our community to unite in support of the Terry Fox Foundation all the while paying tribute to the Founders of Sterling Hall. The Terry Fox Run not only strengthens our bonds as a community, it also serves as a platform for us to demonstrate to the world, to each other, and to ourselves the character traits that we diligently cultivate in our daily lives at Sterling Hall: perseverance, courage, bravery, hope, and leadership.


What Our Big Day Looked Like

Our day began with each class participating in 30-minute special sharing circles where students reflected on both Terry Fox as well as the founding of The Sterling Hall School. They discussed their thoughts on Terry’s journey, the character traits that someone like Terry would embody and what we can individually and collectively do to make a difference. 

The Homeroom Circles were followed by our boisterous House meetings followed by an inspiring Opening Ceremony. Then it was out to the House stations for our SHS community to start the 45-minute Run! The energy on the route was electric and the perfect segway to a Closing Ceremony that embodied the SHS spirit of belonging and care for others.

The big surprise of the day was having Darrell Fox join us in celebrating this special event. Darrell, Terry Fox’s younger brother, who ran alongside him on the Marathon of Hope in 1980, has had a long-standing and meaningful involvement in the Terry Fox Foundation and is a wonderful inspiration to us all.

Thank you to our Agents of Change, the teachers and staff, the Parents Association, and all the boys and their families who worked so diligently to make this day so special. Most of all, we wish to express our gratitude and admiration to the true hero, Terry Fox, who’s selfless commitment and strength of character has made such a momentous change in the world.


Celebrating Founders' Day

What better way to showcase our creativity and unwavering commitment to Sterling Hall than by proudly displaying our House colors, adorning ourselves with SHS House gear, and enthusiastically rallying for Plumb, McClintock, Howard, and Morrison!

For those fortunate enough to be in the building early this morning, they were treated to a spectacle of extraordinary energy and spirit during this year's House meetings. This infectious enthusiasm carried over to our Opening Ceremonies, spilled into the House stations, which had been decorated in remarkably imaginative ways and along the Run circuit. SHS spirit was everywhere!

Today, we have so much to celebrate and take pride in. The Sterling Hall School has undergone a remarkable transformation since its inception in 1987, when it began with just 17 students, the visionary leadership of Darlene Ferris, and the unwavering support of our founding families. Along the way, individuals like former Vice-Principal James Macdonald, former Principal Ian Robinson, and now Rick Parsons have continued Darlene's mission to build a school for boys that places character, community, and tailored learning for boys at its core. They have contributed to the growth of the school into the vibrant institution we celebrate today—a school dedicated to transitioning boys into men who embody the knowledge, character, and community values we espouse.


Terry Fox Parent Association BBQ

With only the boys able to run again this year, our parents were once again more determined than ever to demonstrate their own school spirit in exchange for House points! What better way to showcase their creativity and commitment to our school than to bring back the Terry Fox Car Rally for a second installment!

This year , amilies went all out with their House decorations and the feeling at SHS was pure electricity! Thank you to the Parents Association for inspiring our SHS families to trim, bedazzle and deck their cars in such colourful and imaginative ways. And to the parents who pulled out all the stops - Founder’s Day was made all the more memorable because of your efforts!