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Black History Month

SHS is excited to start a month-long journey of celebrating Black excellence. Our boys have been sharing their learnings and discussions of black history, global contributions, and heritage with each other and with our SHS community.  

Each week this month we will be celebrating a different aspect of Black excellence through researching, reading, listening and discussing.

Week 1:          Black Change Makers
Investigating the ways individual Black Canadians challenge racial inequality and mobilize to improve social conditions and impact people inside and outside of their communities.
(Viola Desmond, Mari Copeny, Marley Dias)

Week 2:          Black Athletes
Learning how the contributions of Black Canadian athletes made an impact on society.
(Willie O’Ree, PK Subban, Andre DeGrasse, Andrew Wiggins)

Week 3:          Black Scientists and Inventors
Understanding how the contributions of Black scientists, physicians and inventors made an impact on society.
(Hidden Figures, The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind, Black Inventors)

Week 4:          Black Artists (Musicians, Writers, Artists)
Delving into the musical contributions of Black Canadians and how they made an impact on society.
(Jully Black – singer, Amanda Gorman – poet, Joan Butterfield – artist, David Woods – artist)

We look forward to sharing our learnings with you soon!