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Celebrating Earth Day

Happy Earth Day SHS!

April 22 was Earth Day; an opportunity to celebrate, raise awareness and protect our home for future generations. Around the globe, 1 billion people in more than 193 countries participated in conversations about how to adopt more sustainable practices for the benefit of our planet; our boys were excited to be a part of this.  

This week, SHS students spent time discussing how one’s actions can have a positive or negative impact on living things and on the Earth. They read stories, did research and had meaningful discussions about sustainability and how they can make better choices to support the environment. In Cardboard Creations Club the Grade 1 boys began constructing 3D trees while the Grade 3 Eco Maker Space Club began preparing for their wildflower seed ball project. We are also thrilled to see our Primary Eco Club partner with the Grade 6 Photography Club to work on an Earth Day challenge that has them photographing nature around SHS. Even the Grade 4s got in on the action; during Outdoor Education, they learned how to transplant the oak saplings that they planted from acorns in the Fall! We look forward to seeing them grow tall on our campus, offering a shaded spot for future generations of SHS boys to play!

Our boys also had the opportunity to get their hands dirty in class and plant seeds in pots to take home. While planting their seeds, students were challenged to think about at least one action they could take to support our Earth and make a positive impact. Parents, please feel free to have a look at these pledges displayed on the Earth Day board created by our dedicated Junior Eco Team. We are so grateful for this lovely gesture from our boys in support of Mother Earth!

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