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Founder's Day Terry Fox Run

On October 8, we came together as a community to once again take part in the Annual Founder’s Day Terry Fox Run. Although we may not have all laced up our shoes, we each played a role in making our 28th year of participation a resounding success. From planning activities, to setting up fundraising pages, to recording our opening ceremonies so many of our SHS family had a hand in supporting this truly deserving cause.

For many of us, this seemed the perfect opportunity for our community to unite and support the Terry Fox Foundation that we hold so dear while also honouring the founders of our school. Our run this year, being unconventional, allowed us to strengthen our community ties and gain a deeper understanding of the important impact that Terry made with his Marathon of Hope. 

What Our Day Looked Like

Our day began with an inspiring Opening Ceremony hosted by the SHS Agents of Change and played for the boys in their homerooms. Each class had an opportunity to participate in a 30-minute special sharing circle where students and teachers reflected on both Terry Fox and the founding of SHS. They discussed their thoughts on Terry’s journey, the character traits that someone like Terry would embody and what we can individually and collectively do to make a difference.

Then it was on to some fun and engaging activities organized by our curriculum experts until run time. The boys even received delicious snacks delivered to their classroom. Apples, cookies and popsicles are the apparent snack of choice to fuel our energetic SHS boys!

After all the boys completed their 45 min run, our day closed with a Live Digital Closing Ceremony that embodied the SHS spirit of belonging and care for others. We would like to thank our Agents of Change, the Teachers and Staff, the Parents Association, and all the boys and their families who worked so diligently to make this day so special. Most of all, we express our gratitude and admiration to the true hero, Terry Fox, who’s selfless commitment and strength of character has made such a momentous change in the world and continues to inspire our community every day.

If you would like to enjoy photos of the day, please click the link below.