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In-Person Events Are Back! 

Embracing Togetherness at SHS

This week we welcomed back an aspect of the SHS experience that has long been a hallmark of our special school. Inviting our community to come together in our spaces to share news and connect with each other has been one of the many ways SHS has built our warm and inclusive culture. 
On April 27, we welcomed our families to our first in-person PA Meeting in over 2 years. For a surprising number of our newer parents, this was their first opportunity to be face-to-face with our community! What a wonderful chance to interact, socialize and build relationships with others, while learning about all the exciting events planned for the rest of the year. Thank you to our PA members and to Principal Parsons for making this meeting such a memorable one.
Another occasion for the history books and a wonderful opportunity for our boys to shine, was the April 19 Friday Assembly! This first in-person Assembly since the start of Covid enabled parents, students and faculty & staff to be entertained by the energy put forth by our young presenters! As many of you know, Friday Assembly is a highlight at Sterling Hall. It keeps us abreast of the news and events, allows us to celebrate achievements and enables our community to forge strong relationships. Most importantly though, it allows our boys to acquire improved communication skills, increased self-esteem, planning and preparation experience, and meaningful character development. For the students who are not presenting, our Friday Assemblies help to model a culture of patience and acceptance.
These character strengths and so many more were also on display during our Incoming family visits this week. Our boys stepped up as ambassadors to help guide the incoming SHS boys around the school in an interactive and fun way. They were warm and inviting and showed our visitors the VIA character traits that have now become synonymous with Sterling Hall. 

It was wonderful to see so many long-time and also new community members in our halls this week. We look forward to many more Friday Assemblies, PA meetings and countless in-person events along with the positive energy and joy that they bring to our school.