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March Anchor Day

During the month of March, our boys enjoyed their second SHS Anchor Day! It was a great opportunity to reconnect as a community, reflect on SHS’s values of Community and Character and enjoy some fun guided outdoor education activities.

Our custom experiential learning program was created to reflect our SHS Values and allows our boys and faculty to "anchor" themselves to SHS and foster a sense of a belonging. Teachers, Matt Wilfrid, River and Matt Burns are currently facilitating the SHS March Anchor Day Program and there has been great participation and energy!

Each grade spent 1-hour building character and community with their cohorts followed by a 30-minute homeroom debrief session to re-establish the ‘Anchor Statement’ that the boys developed in the fall. It is a wonderful and fun way for each boy to recommit to their classmates and make meaningful connections and memories that will anchor the grades as we finish the final few months of the school year.

To have a look at all the photos from the 2-week program, please visit our SHS Photo Gallery Here.