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National Sweater Day

Bundling Up For A Good Cause
With February being one of the coldest months of the year, it’s no wonder we reach for a cozy sweater to bundle up in!  This week, however, donning a sweater meant much more than just trying to stay warm. Our boys wore their sweaters for other reasons; to be a proud supporter of our Canadian Athletes and to show their support for the movement to fight climate change!

Thanks to The Student Life Committee, our boys were invited to support The Canadian Men's Soccer Team by wearing Team Canada jerseys or Canadian red shirts. We’re happy to report that the boys’ efforts were not in vain. Canada won their match against El Salvador and is now one step closer in their quest to qualify for the World Cup! Thanks to all the SHS community members who showed their national spirit by wearing their sweaters to cheer on our Team. 

On February 3, the sweaters came out again. This time to show our support for National Sweater Day, a movement to raise awareness of climate change and energy conservation. In an effort to raise awareness of the global temperature rise to 1.5 degrees celsius, Sterling Hall’s thermostats were turned down by exactly that same amount. We asked that our boys and our faculty and staff bundle up in their favourite sweaters to stay warm and they did! To further the cause, they also participated in climate change activities in class.

Thank you to all of our community who showed support for these fun and meaningful initiatives!