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PA House Car Rally

With only the boys able to run again this year, our parents were once again more determined than ever to demonstrate their own school spirit in exchange for House points! What better way to showcase their creativity and commitment to our school than to bring back the Terry Fox Car Rally  for a second installment this year!

This year families went all out with their House decorations and the feeling at SHS was pure electricity! Thank you to the Parents Association for inspiring our SHS families to trim, bedazzle and deck their cars in such colourful and imaginative ways. And to the parents who pulled out all the stops - Founder’s Day was made all the more memorable because of your efforts!

Since our last update on the House Points Challenge, more photos have been sent in and the tie has been broken! The very final results are:

Plumb 100 - WINNER!!
Howard 90
Morrison 80
McClintock 70

Congratulations to Plumb House and to all who participated in our fun event! If you would like to have a look at photos from that day or see our other event photos.