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Pink Shirt Day

February 24 marked our annual Pink Shirt Day at SHS, a day each year when Canadians are asked to take a stand against bullying – and to make that stance public. Our boys proudly wore their pink shirts and participated in learning activities in support of this very important cause. In class, they reflected on the importance of acceptance and kindness in our community. It was an opportunity for them to discuss empathy and how each of us can work towards making the world a better place for all.

Teaching values such as acceptance, empathy and respect for others is one of the reasons why we participate in international movements such as Pink Shirt Day, why we celebrate Black History Month and why we are continually involved in community service projects such as toy drives, food drives, the Shoebox Project, and so many others. We are teaching our children to be kind, giving and compassionate, and to understand the experiences of others. It is what we strive to do every day, shaping our boys' minds and also their hearts for a brighter future.

To see photos of our SHS boys proudly wearing their pink shirts, please visit our Photo Gallery Here.