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SHS Battery Drive

In an effort to keep our planet clean and protect the health and wellness of children around the world, our Grade 3 boys have come up with a great opportunity to lend a helping hand. As with most of our service initiatives, the Zinc Saves Lives Battery Drive is student driven, with our boys coming together to take on all aspects of this project from research to advertising to execution. 

For SHS, citizenship is an important part of the educational fabric at SHS. It  helps our boys learn to identify needs and figure out a way to help, without waiting to be asked.

Did you know that more than 450,000 children die every year from complications associated with zinc deficiency? The zinc extracted from just one AA battery can make supplements that help the growth and brain development in 6 children! So, for the rest of this year, classroom 3S will be accepting all your used batteries. Let's support this program and take batteries out of the landfill while we improve the survival, and development of children in need around the world.