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SHS Radio Play

At a time when we are searching for ways to entertain ourselves, our Grade 6-8 boys tapped into their creativity to treat the SHS Community to the first-ever radio play at The Sterling Hall School. On Wednesday, April 21, the members of our school play club present the original SHS Radio Play "Among Us", inspired by a popular video game.

Written, performed, composed, and edited by the boys, we are certain you will be impressed by both the hard work and remarkable talent of this dedicated group of thespians!

In a year when the boys were not able to perform a typical school play, they made it their goal to produce a play of some sort, and keep drama and the arts alive at SHS! The boys were required to apply for the school play and the role they were interested in taking on (acting, writing, sound editing, composing, etc.) They researched the history of radio plays and were introduced to such classics as War of the Worlds, and more recent series’ created for Apple and Spotify. Inspired by these radio plays, the boys lead by Matt Burns, spent countless hours this term creating the original radio play we hope you will all enjoy. 

"Humanity has embarked on its greatest achievement: a mission to the planet Polus. Five brave astronauts head into space to go where no man has gone before. Little did the world know, however, that what began as a celebration would quickly become a nightmare. What happens to the mission to Polus? Why did I receive tapes from the mission? Can I figure out the mystery before it's too late? Listen...and find out".


The Dates for the School Radio Play are:

April 21st -Episode I

April 28th - Episode 2

May 5th - Episode 3

May 12th - Episode 4

May 19th - Episode 5

May 26th - Episode 6 Finale


We encourage our SHS families to browse the below student-created website for a teaser trailer, more information, and a list of the episodes and when they premiere.

It is our hope that on the below dates and over the next 6 weeks, our classrooms and our community will enjoy what we have created! Episodes are under 15 minutes in length and the content is appropriate for Grades 3-8. You can also find the links added to SharksOnline G3-G8) 

We look forward to creating a fun, joyful, and entertaining shared experience for our community!