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SHS Thunderdome!

At SHS, we enjoy coming up with new and creative activities and events for our boys to participate in.  We introduce new challenges throughout the year that allow students to grow their leadership, confidence,  and perseverance, not to mention many other important character strengths. Every now and then, we come across an activity that captivates our boys in a truly magical way. That is when it becomes an SHS tradition!  The SHS Thunderdome, a raucous all-out battle royale, is one such event. It has grown into an institution at SHS, filling our halls with cheers and boy energy that we encourage and embrace.

Today was that day! The SHS Thunderdome, now a fine tuned machine, delivered all the excitement and joy we expected. Faculty, with Mr. Meakin at the helm, worked with House captains to provide a virtual run-through of the holiday-themed mini-games, a fun portal, an intricate scoring system and Thunderdome kits to enable each classroom to compete and collect points for their Houses. The boys enjoyed digital escape rooms, Kahoot trivia and challenges like Snowflake Keep-up, Toque Pyramid, and so much more. Their competitive drive and also their sportsmanship was on full display in every classroom throughout the day  - you could literally hear the excitement in the school from end to end! 

Congratulations to the Morrison House for the win with 259 points and to all the boys who participated! An overwhelming thank you also to the faculty and staff that supported and reimagined this beloved annual event!