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Wordle Comes to SHS

SHS Boys Take On Wordle Challenge

Wordle, the popular web-based word game that has taken the world by storm, has found its way to Sterling Hall! Thanks to Mr. Carota, the Junior Division boys are taking part in the craze and doing some collaborative word-work in the process.

Mr. Carota thoughtfully ran some inter-house competitions in our literacy classes that ended up being a real hit! The boys loved solving multiple Wordle puzzles and worked diligently in their Houses to solve as many as possible.

As educators, it’s an achievement when a learning tool transcends its educational purposes. Wordle at SHS allows our students to build their literacy knowledge while flexing their teamwork and leadership skills. For our boys, however, it’s simply a great way to have fun.

The results from the entire division are now in. Congratulations to Howard House for scoring 20 points and winning the House challenge. Morrison House came in second place with 14 points and McClintock and Plumb tied for third with 12 points.

It's always a win when literacy becomes not just an educational experience but a fun activity for all!