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We are pleased to help keep our community up to date on everything going on at The Sterling Hall School!

Check back here for interesting content on various themes each month and for the latest news about everything that’s happening at SHS.


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One of the strengths of our special school is our innovative and flexible approach to teaching and learning. Sterling Hall has an amazing small school advantage — we are small enough to be nimble, responsive, flexible and innovative ....

  • Belonging
  • Community
  • Learning
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Welcome to another initiative from The Sterling Hall School - our first monthly blog. We are all looking forward to a year when we continue to adapt to the new realities of our world with a hopeful outlook on bringing the challenges of 2020 to some resolution. When we reflect on how remarkably our students, families, teachers, and staff have responded to the challenges of the pandemic we are grateful to belong to such an engaged and supportive community.

  • Belonging
  • Character
  • Community
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  • Learning
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