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A new year, a new blog


A new year, a new blog
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Welcome to the SHS monthly blog

Welcome to another initiative from The Sterling Hall School - our first monthly blog. We are all looking forward to a year when we continue to adapt to the new realities of our world with a hopeful outlook on bringing the challenges of 2020 to some resolution. When we reflect on how remarkably our students, families, teachers, and staff have responded to the challenges of the pandemic we are grateful to belong to such an engaged and supportive community.

Sterling Hall is a place where boys belong, where boys are known and understood, and where families are embraced within a welcoming community.
– Rick Parsons, Principal

With this blog, we will share insights into the special journey of educating boys during their formative years. Sharing how our innovative academic practices and boy-focussed programming inspires individual growth, curiosity, and a passion for learning. And how our purposeful character program empowers each boy to develop his confidence and resilience, kindness and respect, and ability to advocate for oneself and others. 

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It was daunting, going to a new school, but the boys knew I was nervous and were sensitive to how I was feeling. Right away, they all introduced themselves and welcomed me with open arms. I've been so happy, and have had a great year! 
– New SHS student

When boys (and all humans really) feel a sense of belonging, trust, and stability they are better equipped to learn. When a boy knows that he has a caring community and thoughtful adults around him, he feels empowered to take chances and to respond to setbacks as opportunities for learning. Whether that be in making a friend or setting and meeting a new goal, learning how to navigate these challenges with a growth mindset will help him to build his resilience and grit - essential aspects to success and happiness in life.

As we move forward with this blog we’ll explore these aspects in greater depth. 

Thank you for a wonderful year! We've never felt such a sense of belonging and we're extremely grateful to have the opportunity to call SHS home.
– Parent of new SHS student

In upcoming posts, we look forward to featuring select guest bloggers who can share additional insights with you. Our strong community enriches the experience of each SHS boy by creating a sense of belonging and inclusion that goes beyond the years they spend at The Sterling Hall School.

We look forward to sharing this journey with you. 


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