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Our Volunteers


Parents Association Volunteers

The SHS Parents Association is made up of dedicated parents that are committed to supporting our boys and our school. They are the liaison between the school and the parent community and their mission to actively promote both spirit and goodwill is always evident. 

Through the development and execution of successful fundraising events, meetings and educational sessions, our SHS PA works tirelessly to foster connections and build community. They make our school not simply successful and enterprising, but most importantly, a place where everyone belongs!

SHS volunteers are integral to the success of our school and are the heart of our community. Be it parents, alumni, or our extended community, year over year our volunteers give of themselves to improve our school and the overall experience here at SHS.
Over 70% of our parents volunteer at our school! From joining the Board of Governors or the Parents Association, to hands-on help at our many events or generously offering raffle prizes, our many volunteers have shown unwavering commitment. Our PA along with all of our parent volunteers commit themselves to creative and successful community-building initiatives that support the school and our boys while always remaining true to their mission to promote spirit and goodwill at SHS.  

The parents, alumni and even grandparents who volunteer are also a very important part of what makes our school so special. Our volunteer community contributes to school life in a multitude of ways to enhance the journey of each boy at Sterling Hall.

Please join us in celebrating all that they do to make our school such an amazing community.

Parent Grade Representatives

Each year, SHS calls for volunteers to support the Grades and each year we have parents willing to take on the integral role of Grade Rep. The four Representatives for each grade at Sterling Hall are responsible for communications to parents, fund management and building strong class connections. They graciously volunteer their time to plan social gatherings, purchase décor for holiday celebrations and ensure that strong and meaningful relationships are built between parents and boys in each of our grades.


Primary Grade Reps junior Grade Reps intermediate Grade Reps

SHS Board of Governors

Our Board of Governors generously gives of their time to ensure strategic and policy direction and financial oversight and overall support to SHS. They also help to inspire SHS to continue building on its reputation as a close-knit community that empowers each boy through his formative years. We wish to welcome our new Governors to the Board and to thank all those who continue on. The expertise and positive energy that they bring through such generous volunteerism benefits The Sterling Hall School and our boys immeasurably.

Lalit Aggarwal
Aimee Beeston
Lara Nathans
Lara Shohet-Clark (Chair)

SHS Alumni Community

 Our over 1,600 SHS Alumni, often come back to the school to volunteer as coaches, to mentor, to facilitate workshops, to volunteer in the classroom and at camps, to serve as ambassadors for younger alumni at high schools and universities. Our Alumni represent our emphasis on character, and act as great role-models for our current students. Their contributions are always celebrated within our community, helping current students recognize the continued sense of pride our student’s carry for SHS long after they have graduated.

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