Sterling Learning

We value and develop confidence and resilience, kindness and respect, with the courage to advocate for oneself and for others.


At Sterling Hall, we think of learning as a journey, one that involves everything from academics to co-curriculars to character. Each of our boys are challenged and supported in a way that fosters their growth from JK to Grade 8.

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Kindergarten is a time
of curiosity and social growth, and SHS provides our youngest students with a safe and stimulating environment to launch their learning journey and build essential foundational skills.

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Primary Division

Primary boys are 
encouraged to move comfortably from a place of familiar to one where they develop foundational skills and experiment with new subjects  - all from the community of a homeroom and specialist spaces.

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Junior Division

Junior division boys continue to grow and become a vital part
of our school community. They begin using their developed confidence to deepen their academic knowledge and skills in real-world context.

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Intermediate Division

Our intermediate boys continue to mature into new discoveries and interests while deepening leadership in areas of academics and co-curriculars. 

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Celebrate Grade 8

Grade 8 is a special time for SHS boys to celebrate and extend all the character and life skills they have developed to prepare for new adventures beyond our halls. 

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Health & Community

At SHS we are united in our efforts to raise healthy, empathetic and responsible boys. Learn more about our program devoted to developing and promoting their overall health.

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The Arts

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