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Health and Community

At SHS, we are united in our efforts as a school community to raise healthy, empathetic and responsible boys. We foster students who know themselves, who are eager to take positive leadership roles in the world and who have the courage to advocate for themselves and others.

We make time every day in homeroom to learn more about ourselves and others through our Health and Community curriculum where we focus on our Second Step™ social-emotional learning (SEL) program, health curriculum and participate in classroom community circles.

We engage in family-style discussions on key topics related to emotional and physical wellbeing, handling each in an age-appropriate manner at every level. Topics in our health curriculum include the healthy food and nutrition, sleep and rest, injury prevention, consent and healthy relationships, sex education & gender identity, online habits & safety practices.  Read more about the Second Step program on our social-emotional learning page.

We continually assess the challenges that boys face in their journey to becoming healthy and compassionate men. We’re wary of the pervasive cultural expectations of “real men” and take steps to mitigate the straitjacket of gender stereotype, replacing it instead with tools that boys can use to embrace both strength and vulnerability. We also partner with boys and families to engage the whole community in achieving our vision to inspire and empower each boy through his formative years and, ultimately, through life. 

Social Emotional Learning