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Information & Communication Technology (ICT)

At SHS, students learn that technology is not only central to modern life but that it can be engaging, intriguing, and a lot of fun!

Our Information & Communication Technology (ICT) programs provide students with the latest in IT learning including coding, design and media work. Students take ICT classes from Junior Kindergarten through Grade 8 and digital literacy is woven through the overall curriculum.
With a focus on problem solving, students learn how they can use technology to excel, collaborate, and be creative. SHS makes many types of devices and programs available to our students and takes a hands-on and often interdisciplinary approach to ICT learning.

Our technology includes:

  • a material-rich makerspace that include three 3-D printers, electronics, and low-tech materials
  • a fully equipped computer lab
  • six laptop carts with a class sets of computers that move around the school
  • three iPad carts with class sets of iPads, along with iPads that belong to each classroom
  • high speed internal cabled/wireless (including a guest wireless) network and high bandwidth internet access
  • projectors/Smartboards in teaching areas
  • modern audio-visual equipment including virtual reality (VR) equipment, video cameras and digital still cameras

By Grade 4, students are taught and are well-versed in most of the Google Apps suite (Google Docs, Sheets, Slides) and can navigate our SHS Learning Management System (LMS) independently. ICT classes from Grades 3 to 8 focus on three main areas - coding, digital design and media creation. These skills are frequently integrated into cross-curricular projects.

The use of technology is constantly used to support good learning, and evolves with new opportunities that technology presents – stop-motion animation with Junior students, 3D design and printing with Junior and Intermediate students, and app creation with Intermediate students are just three current examples.

SHS provides Chromebooks to each Grade 7 and 8 student, at no extra charge. By Grade 8, students are expected to be digitally literate, skilled and confident media creators, digital designers and coders, as well as discerning digital citizens.