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Intermediate at SHS

Intermediate division (Grades 6-8) sees boys continue to discover new interests while deepening others both in academics and in their co-curricular activities. Boys are challenged to strive, reflect, and experiment while continue to take on roles that solidify their place as responsible citizens within SHS and the world, and as leaders in their communities.

Boys in Grades 6 to 8 hone their learning skills and work habits to prepare them for their future education in secondary school. A strong emphasis is placed on skills such as organization, self-advocacy, study skills and planning ahead. Elective courses help foster independent learning, where small groups that mix the intermediate grades provides an intermingling that promotes leadership for the older students and mentoring for the younger boys.

Intermediate students also take on mentor roles in the SHS peer teaching program, and Grade 7 boys become school ambassadors.

Core subjects including, math and English, are taught with an integrated and interdisciplinary approach with social science and science as a vital component. Specialized instruction continues in art, French, music and physical education. Grade 7 and 8 students are also introduced to the study of philosophy.

Students build and challenge their leadership skills though exciting class trips. Grade 6 and 7 boys visit an outdoor education centre, while Grade 8 boys enjoy an eight-day wilderness canoe trip in Temagami. In addition, there are curricular trips for each grade (Grade 6: Ottawa, Grade 7: Quebec City and Grade 8: Washington, D.C.) as well as numerous day trips in the greater Toronto area.