Kindergarten is a time of curiosity and social development, and SHS provides our youngest students with a caring, supportive and stimulating environment from which to launch their learning journey.

Our two-year Kindergarten program provides the foundational skills for boys to be successful learners. We aim to foster independence, self-help skills, confidence and a love for learning.

Our Junior Kindergarten (JK) and Senior Kindergarten (SK) students benefit from a low teacher-student ratio in literacy and math, and a focus on character development through our Sterling Stars and Community Circles programs which feature the Values in Action (VIA) Character program. We offer experiential learning to reinforce broader world discovery, as well as mentorship with older boys that helps solidify a sense of caring and connection through the grades. Students enjoy daily snacks and outdoor recess to nurture their bodies and minds.

Our program follows a rich curriculum that prepares students for entry into Grade 1 while also focusing on current learning and development though play-based exploration and inquiry. We use a balance of child- and adult-initiated activities that are developmentally meaningful.