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Junior at SHS

Junior division (Grades 3-5) sees boys move into the school community, using their newly developed confidence to deepen their academic knowledge and experiment with co-curricular activities. Small group and social-emotional learning continue to be a strong focus, and boys engage in character-building through community circles and other reflection.

With a solid foundation in place, students elevate their reading skills to further engage in critical thinking and oral and visual communication. Boys start public speaking, and continue to develop their writing and critical reflection skills. In mathematics, students use problem solving to explore the five strands of mathematics (numbers and operations, algebra, geometry, measurement, data analysis and probability). Students continue to benefit from a low student-teacher ratio in literacy and math.

Junior students also take specialized lessons in art, drama, French, music, health and physical education, and science. They expand their world beyond the school through several day trips to historical and cultural sites as well as a three-day/two-night adventure at an outdoor education centre. Junior boys also begin to take on leadership opportunities.

Students continue to enjoy physical education every day, and have the opportunity to join competitive sports teams and other clubs. Students engage in mentoring activities that see them continue to be mentored by older boys, but start to take on roles as mentors for younger students.