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How Boys Learn

Boys are unique learners

We see that in the way they relate to each other at recess, running after a soccer ball or playing pretend as a way to experiment as they understand their world. In the higher grades, boys like to propose their own projects, to hone the skills they’ve learned they are good at, see real-world applications of their learning, and engage in friendly competition. At all ages, they ask lots of questions.

Boys value relationships and benefit from strong connections with their teachers, which is why we hire faculty who have a strong level of engagement and who see the need to connect with the whole boy and support him through both struggles and successes.

Boys need to see real applications from their work.

That’s why we weave problem-solving and real-world projects through each classroom lesson, to help keep them engaged and curious. We know boys are collaborative and social learners, so we include student-directed activities that help to foster these elements. We also engage the competitive spirit of boys as well as their natural impulse to continue trying new things.

Learning Journey

Intermediate 6-8


Graduates Grade 8