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What do dressing up as an astronaut in Grade 1 and taking the lead role in the school play in Grade 8 have in common? They show the progression of dramatic arts at The Sterling Hall School. They also illustrate the best outcomes of developing skills in drama: confidence and collaboration.

At SHS, we help boys to see the ways that drama allows us to try living in a world of imagination, which furthermore helps us appreciate different perspectives and engage in pure creativity.

Offered in every cycle from Junior Kindergarten and as an elective after Grade 5, drama classes allow students to develop leadership skills and show bravery as they learn to sing and dance and entertain.

From acting out a folktale in junior school to participating in various roles in the annual dramatic production, students learn how to tell stories, engage in artistic collaboration, and how to work behind the scenes as well as in performance. They also come to realize the added benefits of drama, from overcoming shyness, to teamwork, to the thrill of singing your heart out on stage.