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The value of learning a second language is immeasurable, especially at a young age when students brains are so primed for language acquisition.

We know that learning other languages informs our appreciation for other perspectives and cultures. At The Sterling Hall School, we offer French lessons throughout the grades, scaffolding at various levels to ensure instruction and practice in the language is consistent and comprehensive.

In JK - Grade 5, students benefit from oral repetition in which they participate actively and receive immediate feedback.

Using the Accelerated Integrative Method (AIM) as our foundational program, students eagerly learn through role play, dramatizations, rehearsal of related vocabulary through gestures.

Research shows this active method of learning a second language that mimics first language development increases risk taking, an essential stance that leads to greater language acquisition.

Boys further develop their thinking and communication in the Grade 6-8 French program. In addition to explicit grammar instructions, they enthusiastically debate, role play, and collaborate on projects and presentations for authentic audiences. Technology is a mainstay in our Intermediate French classes, enhancing learning and providing access to the greater French community. Our goal is to develop our students’ love and appreciation for language learning. Students also have the opportunity to join a French club at all grades for even more practice. Students even compete in French speech competitions with other schools.