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Sustainability at SHS

As the world becomes more environmentally focused, so do our boys.

We are proud to pass along our “green school vision”, one that starts from an appreciation and love of nature and moves towards activities where boys grow an awareness of their place in the natural world and how they can make choices to protect and improve it. We provide green inspiration via our curriculum, our facilities, and by supporting the boys’ activism at every level. In every classroom, boys learn that every action they take requires them to consider the impact their choices have on the environment. They also learn that they too can be change-makers!

In practical terms, SHS brings an appreciation of nature into the daily life of the school by spending time outside, and incorporating elements like trees, plants and butterflies into their studies as early as kindergarten. Moving into the junior grades, boys study rocks, water and soil. By their intermediate years, boys increase their focus on how they can take action on environmental issues, whether by participating in a local garbage pickup in the neighborhood or writing letters to their Members of Parliament.

Our goal is to foster in SHS students an environmental appreciation and awareness that they can take with them for life.

Our students participate regularly in Earth Week. Actions include giving boy a plant to foster the love of caring for nature. Other regular activities include measuring waste and energy, collecting school yard garbage and simply being outside whether for lessons or team building.

Our SHS faculty includes a Green School Co-ordinator who helps incorporate green into the curriculum, and helps boys to be hopeful about their future. SHS is proud to be an Ontario Eco-School.


Other green elements include:

  • a no disposable water bottle policy
  • compost and recycling programs
  • renewable electricity from Bullfrog Power
  • water-reduction initiatives
  • battery collection
  • a no-idling policy
  • use of FSC-certified paper
  • greening our perimeter fence annually with grapevines
  • a green renovation of Ian Robinson Quad