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Health and Physical Education

At SHS, we foster a love for physical activity and the value of regular exercise and movement in life as part of our curricular program.

In Junior Kindergarten through to Grade 4, boys engage in 30 minutes of organized physical activity every day. From Grade 5 through 8, boys spend one hour in gym class every other day, honing their physical skills in gameplay, fitness and strengthening exercises. They learn the importance of physical activity and its place in overall health, and how to engage in activity safely.

Boys also take health classes two times per cycle to learn about their bodies, the importance of healthy eating, sexual health and solid relationships. Our health programming is age appropriate and supported by each homeroom teacher with whom the boys have developed the necessary relationships to be comfortable asking questions.

Boys also have the opportunity to join many co-curricular activities related to physical health, including competitive teams from Grade 3 and up.

Visit our Athletics page for more about our co-curricular teams and clinics and our Clubs page for more about active clubs.