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At the Sterling Hall School, literacy is a common foundation of all learning. Literacy grounds our understanding of the world, helps us to navigate relationships, think creatively and grow wise.

Our comprehensive literacy program balances a variety of instructional approaches to support students in becoming imaginative thinkers with the confidence to express themselves whether it be in reading, writing, speechmaking, listening or presenting.

Our low student-teacher ratios mean that students get the important practice and instruction that’s essential to literacy development.

Daily reading helps our younger students grow in understanding and confidence. Each student learns key early critical and strategic reading skills. At the higher level, critical reading skills deepen, furthering media literacy and creative writing, all helping the students connect ideas to their own experience and the greater world.

We know that creating text, whether through writing, presenting or speech is invaluable to the development of thought and understanding. That’s why we also provide continuous learning on effective communication skills, word study, language conventions, grammar and spelling. As they grow, students realize not only that words and images are a way of thinking about the world which is important in our increasingly knowledge-based society, but that their own voices matter.