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At The Sterling Hall School, our mathematics training focuses on both confidence and competency. Our low teacher-to-student ratio allows for more personalized attention that leads to quicker comprehension and critical application.
The SHS math program includes collaborative exploration, daily mental math work, problem solving and independent practice. Instruction is furthermore personalized to each boy’s strengths, needs and interests.

Our innovative program encompasses the teaching of skills (such as fact fluency, estimation, geometry), concepts (such as number representations, units of measures), strategies (such as planning, collecting data) and thinking (such as questioning, testing, proving) in partnership with practical application. The foundational program we use from Junior Kindergarten to Grade 5 is the Singapore Math system that deploys concrete, pictorial and abstract models to enhance a student’s comprehension. Mathematics classes from Grades 6 through 8 prepare students to work on math at an Ontario Grade 9 level by the time they are in Grade 8.

Boys also learn to see how math is relevant in their daily world. In all grades, teachers challenge students to use mathematical reasoning in real-world situations, and engage them in competition, games and puzzles. In the older grades, these challenges include seeing math in complex world issues such as voter turnout and climate change, and learning how to use math to strategize or problem solve.

Singapore Math focuses on an in-depth understanding of essential math skills with a special emphasis on mastery of foundational skills. It is based on the well-tested assumption that higher levels of math learning require a students’ deeper understanding of math as a basis of success.